GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (v4)

Station Data: Base Orcadas (60.733S, 44.733W)

1900192019401960198020002020-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1YearsAnnual Mean Temperatures (C)Base Orcadas (60.733S, 44.733W) ID:AYM00088968GHCN V4 UnadjustedGHCN V4 adjGHCN V4 adj - cleanedGHCN V4 adj - homogenizedResetZoomBox Zoom
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Based on GHCN data from NOAA-NCEI .

  • GHCN-unadjusted: quality controlled monthly means constructed by NCEI and other groups from raw data.
  • GHCN-adj: data after NCEI adjustments for station moves and other non-climatic effects.
  • GHCN-adj-cleaned: adjusted data after removal of some outliers and duplicate records.
  • GHCN-adj-homogenized: adjusted, cleaned data, homogenized by GISS to account for urban effects.


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