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Dal : (05 mai 2016 - 10:14) Pour ceux qui veulent suivre le trajet des avions citernes.
Dal : (05 mai 2016 - 10:13)
Dal : (05 mai 2016 - 10:13) :o
Pooram : (05 mai 2016 - 10:03) Vidéo entier:
Pooram : (05 mai 2016 - 10:03)
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Sujet d'aide : Recovering lost or forgotten passwords

Security is a big feature on this board, and to that end, all passwords are encrypted when you register.
This means that we cannot email your password to you as we hold no record of your 'uncrypted' password. You can however, apply to have your password reset.

To do this, click on the Lost Password link found on the log in page.

Further instruction is available from there.