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cpweather : (02 juin 2018 - 10:06) Oui en effet, autant dans le Bordelais qu'en Champagne, c'est un peu la catastrophe cette année pour ceux qui ont été touchés, et il y en a beaucoup
dave20 : (31 mai 2018 - 20:10) Dommage pour les vignobles, ils en arrachent cette année avec la grêle.
cpweather : (31 mai 2018 - 01:44) Tous les jours des orages! Mais sur Toulouse pas beaucoup de foudre. Hier méga cellule avec pluie super abondante et grêlons de taille moyenne: impressionnant!
Snoreau : (30 mai 2018 - 10:53) Christian doit avoir du plaisir ces temps-ci: Le record d'impacts de foudre pour un mois de mai vient d'être battu en double: https://www.lexpress...ue_2012837.html
FileCity : (25 mai 2018 - 14:57) Première veille de la saison :)
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Sujet d'aide : Your Personal Messenger

Your personal messenger acts much like an email account in that you can send and receive messages and store messages in folders.

Send a new PM

This will allow you to send a message to another member. If you have names in your contact list, you can choose a name from it - or you may choose to enter a name in the relevant form field. This will be automatically filled in if you clicked a 'PM' button on the board (from the member list or a post). If allowed, you may also be able to enter in multiple names in the box provided, will need to add one username per line.
If the administrator allows, you may use BB Code and HTML in your private message. If you choose to check the 'Add a copy of this message to you sent items folder' box, a copy of the message will be saved for you for later reference. If you tick the 'Track this message?' box, then the details of the message will be available in your 'Message Tracker' where you will be able to see if/when it has been read.

Go to Inbox

Your inbox is where all new messages are sent to. Clicking on the message title will show you the message in a similar format to the board topic view. You can also delete or move messages from your inbox.

Empty PM Folders

This option provides you with a quick and easy way to clear out all of your PM folders.

Edit Storage Folders

You may rename, add or remove folders to store messages is, allowing you to organise your messages to your preference. You cannot remove 'Sent Items' or 'Inbox'.

PM Buddies/Block List

You may add in users names in this section, or edit any saved entries. You can also use this as a ban list, denying the named member the ability to message you.
Names entered in this section will appear in the drop down list when sending a new PM, allowing you to quickly choose the members name when sending a message.

Archive Messages

If your messenger folders are full and you are unable to receive new messages, you can archive them off. This compiles the messages into a single HTML page or Microsoft © Excel Format. This page is then emailed to your registered email address for your convenience.

Saved (Unsent) PMs

This area will allow you to go back to any PM's that you have chosen to save to be sent later.

Message Tracker

This is the page that any messages that you have chosen to track will appear. Details of if and when they have been read by the recipient will appear here. This also gives you the chance to delete any messages that you have sent and not yet been read by the intended recipient.