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I know that Sarracenia was written primarily for Linux, but I'm stuck running it on Windows. sr_subscribe works as documented, but the sr does not: I'm finding that running sr stop or sr restart results in a lot of orphaned python processes. I'm wondering if anybody has had success with running sr on Win7?

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Thanks for your question Mike !

If you use Windows, you should download the newest version of Sarracenia here:


It is an executable that can be used without having to install a Python environment.

See the details here:


Hope it will help.

Take care.

Sorry Sandrine, I should've mentioned that I am using the windows version 2.20.04b1 from March 4
Hi Mike,

On Windows, you need to use sr_subscribe , the sr wrapper was not written to work on Windows... some work has to be done for that.

Sorry about ths inconvenience.

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