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DIONYSOS - Diagnostics en ligne: CMC-GDPS Europe

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Click on a point to get a geostrophic vorticity tendency diagnostic :
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CMC-GDPS Europe Forecast Time: 10h30

Geostrophic Vorticity in black (interval 2X10-5 sec-1).
Geostrophic Vorticity Tendency in red (interval 1X10-9 sec-2)

Diagnostic Validation
700 hPa : Vertical Motion : Model vs Diagnosed
950 hPa : Geostrophic Vorticity Tendency : Model vs Diagnosed
500 hPa : Vorticity Tendency : Model vs Diagnosed
Geo. Vort. Tend. Correlation: 0.952 RRMS: 0.882
Selected Maps
500 hPa : Geopotential Height / Absolute Vorticity
800 hPa : Geopotential Height / Temperature
300 hPa : Geopotential Height / Wind Speed
Mean Sea-Level Pressure / 1000-500 hPa Thickness
Mean Sea-Level Pressure / Temperature Tendency
Dynamic Tropopause: Pressure and Potential Temperature
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Vorticity Advection
Temperature Advection
Latent Heat Release
Sensible Heat Flux