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St Anicet....36°!!!

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La station automatique semble avoir des problèmes!! Voici les METARs:


CWBZ 271400Z AUTO 05006KT 14/12 RMK AO1 0005 SLP177 T01350119 50010 =

CWBZ 271500Z AUTO 05007KT 15/13 RMK AO1 4000 SLP177 T01510126 50010 =

CWBZ 271600Z AUTO 00032KT M01/M01 RMK AO1 8006 SLP171 T10071006 50010 =

CWBZ 271700Z AUTO 00030KT 36/M01 RMK AO1 8007 SLP167 T03641007 50010 =

CWBZ 271800Z AUTO 00032KT 40/M01 RMK AO1 8012 SLP162 T04001011 50010 =



Christian Pagé

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