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Certains modèles bientôt remplacés...


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Le abonnés à Accuweather professionnal ont maintenant accès à 4 nouveaux modèles de prévisions....Parmi ceux-ci le nouveau WRF qui sera appelé à remplacer notre fameux ETA...d'ici quelques années....Je teste ce modèle actuellement .....bien hâte de voir les résultats...


texte tiré de la page des modèles d'Accuweather....



The WRF Model (The Model of the Future)


The WRF (Weather Research & Forecast Model) is a next-generation mesoscale forecast model and assimilation system that is being developed collaboratively between a number of governmental and educational organizations including NCAR, NOAA, NWS, FSL, CAPS, and AFWA. The philosophy behind the development of this model is to create an advanced mesoscale model and data assimilation system that will advance the understanding and the prediction of mesoscale precipitation systems. The model will incorporate advanced numerics and data assimilation techniques, a multiple relocatable nesting capability, and improved physics, particularly for treatment of convection and mesoscale precipitation. The WRF is non-operational today but will likely replace the ETA, RUC and MM5 as the short-range operational model of choice in the United States in the next few years.

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