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Alerte de tornades

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Le NWS a émis cette alerte tantôt !







The National Weather Service in Burlington has issued a


* Tornado Warning for...

central St. Lawrence County in northern New York


* until 500 PM EDT.


* At 419 PM EDT... National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated a

tornado 16 miles northwest of Gouverneur... moving east at 45 mph.


* The tornado is expected to be...

5 miles North of Gouverneur... 7 miles South of De Kalb around

440 PM

near Degrasse... Russell around 455 PM

7 miles North of fine around 500 PM.


If you are caught outside... seek shelter in a nearby reinforced

building. As a last resort... seek shelter in a culvert... ditch or low

spot and cover your head with your hands.


Seek shelter in a basement or on the lowest floor of a building in an

interior hallway or closet. Use blankets or pillows to cover your

body and always stay away from windows.


Evacuate Mobile homes or vehicles and get inside a substantial

shelter. If no shelter is available... lie flat in the nearest ditch

or other low spot and cover your head with your hands.


Lat... Lon 4464 7563 4439 7589 4416 7504 4449 7493 $$

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Plus de 600 éclairs dans les 60 dernières minutes sont associé à cette zone orageuses....Le logiciel LK2000 donne une intensité de 10 sur 11 avec cette zone orageuse.

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